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Our genetics are not our destiny



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Our genetics are not our destiny, our genes load the gun but it’s our environment that pulls the trigger. Change the environment and you will be changed.

I was on High blood pressure meds since my late 20s. By the time I was 50, I was on 4 different meds and they wanted to increase the dosage but I declined. I decided to change what I eat after watching Barbara O’Neill’s lecture on High Blood pressure. I gave up sugar and milk and there was a tiny change in my BP. When I gave up eating wheat, oh boy, my blood pressure dropped to about 96/73 with meds. I decided to stop the meds for a week to see if it will rise, and it went up to 117/76 throughout and stayed there. 2 years on it is still around 117/76 without taking my meds. I told my doctor but all he said was there was no scientific proof. Two years on, I am still avoiding wheat, added sugar, and milk and I am so healthy, no headaches, no flu, and my skin is glowing. I have added 20/4 intermittent fasting into the mix and I feel like I am 24 yrs and not 52. Wheat has been poisoning my body all along and all I get is drugs and more drugs which only puts paper on the cracks. Now I have fixed the cracks. Let food be thy medicine or else medicine will become thy food.

Finally, I changed the house. I had shifted to a new place and my problems are over now. This place is pretty well stocked and nice natural environment. My mom said the same thing: There were times you thought maybe we weren’t going into something good; but if nothing else, even though our time together would’ve been wonderful. Wishing everyone here good health and happiness always!

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