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Other side of river



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There was another hill on the other side of the river. This winter I came here and so far I enjoyed it a lot. The water in the forest is very shallow, but you still get some nice views if your going out to look for deer or birds. In this area lot of birds here. One thing we haven’t mentioned yet that’s amazing about this place is that there are no trash cans around when the sun comes up,” said Ben. You don’t’ come across piles after hours because these guys make sure not only do you have clean foodstuffs like carrots and potatoes cooked all day long.

There was a cloud on top of the hills. They were coming and going towards horizon. It’s only when I move closer that my eyes have to turn inwards,” said Jack Morgan, 78 who spent several days at an orphanage before finding refuge in hills area last month. He has been searching for new bird species ever since. Many children are being placed with their families as they seek out temporary accommodation from which either family members or relatives could leave once condition.

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