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Opportunities on Pinterest



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Pinterest was the first platform to make the vertical format the standard, but users of the platform had to wait longer for stories. Now Idea Pins are also available around the world.

Opportunities on Pinterest

Pinterest currently has 17 million users in German-speaking countries. The platform is interesting for companies and marketers because a target group who is keen to buy and at the same time has affluent purchasing power comes together here. In addition, consumers can be addressed on Pinterest along the entire customer journey: both at the beginning in the ideas and inspiration phase, where Pinterest is traditionally particularly strong, and with regard to shopping and sales, where Pinterest is increasingly positioning itself. Using the various pin formats, Pinterest offers a variety of options to address relevant target groups at all points of the customer journey.

What are idea pins?

With Idea Pins, Pinterest is now also devoting itself to the stories trend. Idea Pins differ from conventional pin formats. Up until now, pins were images or videos with external links that only teasers the actual content and directs traffic to your own website. Idea Pins, on the other hand, are a native format that must function independently. Vertical format images and videos are combined into stories to tell a story. Up to 20 individual slides are possible and can currently be enhanced with voice-overs, text including the tagging of other accounts, filters, transitions, and music. Since Idea Pins have to get by without links, they are not suitable as a traffic format. Rather, they offer great opportunities to make brands better known and increase interaction rates. This in turn can increase the emotional bond with your brand. This is exactly why you should show yourself in the stories because that makes you much more approachable. In contrast to standard pins, viewers can give Idea Pins a Like to express their enthusiasm. This can be used with a targeted call to action to increase engagement with your pins and thus ensure further dissemination.

How do Idea Pins differ

Stories on Pinterest differ from other stories mainly in that they are not ephemeral. Like all other pin formats, Idea Pins are permanently saved on your profile. Thus, they can be played out in the long term and appear again and again in relevant search queries. Brand building and strengthening is possible in the long term. Stories on Pinterest are not ephemeral, but evergreen content. Since Pinterest is a search engine, this content can work for you and your brand in the long term. While stories on other platforms are often used for self-presentation and for insights into everyday life, Pinterest stories should offer one thing above all: added value. It’s less about yourself and more about providing ideas and inspiration. This applies to all formats on Pinterest and is one of the most important foundations for your success on the platform.

Tips for successful idea pins

If you want to start with Idea Pins, you first need a company profile on Pinterest. The Idea Pins are currently being made available to selected creators one by one, so you may have to wait a bit in individual cases. As soon as you can create idea pins, you should definitely work with videos, because that’s the best way to present yourself. In terms of content, you score with instructions and tips, i.e. content with added value. Shows how users can implement specific ideas and thus improve their everyday lives. By the way, Pinterest has its own story templates for recipes and DIY, in which you can include all the necessary ingredients. But you can also provide other ideas.

The best way to orient yourself is what users are looking for on Pinterest. Pinterest is a very grateful platform that simply provides you with this information. Enter your keywords in the search and you will receive the current search queries for which you can provide answers. For good findability (search engine optimization) you should work with relevant keywords in the texts and add the correct tags to the story at the end. These are keywords that put the content of your Idea Pins in the right context. Tags ensure that your stories can be played out in the event of relevant search queries. Also, take a look at what content you have already played on other platforms and how you can prepare it for the Pinterest stories. Use the audience loyalty with Idea Pins and demand commitment with clear calls to action, whether it is alike or a subscription to your profile. Also think of subtitles and text on the slides, as not all viewers have turned on the sound. For a successful Pinterest strategy, you should use all available formats to address your target groups in the different phases of your funnel: video and idea pins for reach and engagement, standard pins for traffic, and collection pins for sales. A little tip at the end: Although Idea Pins do not allow linking, their influence on conversions can still be measured. Set up the Pinterest tag to track conversions through Pinterest. You can then filter by format in Conversion Insights and see to what extent Idea Pins lead to certain actions or generate sales.

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