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Open source tool for Mac



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An open source tools is sometimes helpful for doing an excellent job.An open-source tool for the Mac lets you switch between open windows based on Windows. This is especially interesting for newcomers those who want to learn in a better way.Anyone who has ever used Windows knows the function, using the keyboard shortcut Alt + Tab, you can quickly navigate through a chronological list of all open windows. In order to find the right window faster, images of the windows above the workplace are displayed. Although MacOS has a similar but ultimately not identical function. Because the keyboard shortcut Command + Tab shows you only the open apps. Of course, an app can have multiple windows. Especially those who have long used the Microsoft operating system, often prefers the Windows model. This is evidenced by the fact that several commercial tools are available on the market that provide this function. With Alt-Tab Macos, there is now also an open-source program that brings the Windows-known feature on the Mac. The Alt-Tab Macos program is under the free GPL Version(general public license) 3 license. If you install the program, you can use Control + Tab to switch between all active windows. As with Windows, they are displayed in chronological order in the form of screenshots. The key combination Control + Shift + Tab, in turn, allows you to switch through the open windows in reverse order. This helps if you want to control a window that has been inactive for some time.

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