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New Zealand

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New Zealand is an island of south hemisphere. There are smaller island which is around 600. Lands are habitable and a good number of people living there. Auckland is a most popular city. In 1947 the country become independence and British Monarch become head of state. The official language of New Zealand is English. The country is developed and ranked highly in international comparisons focusing of national performance. Quality of life is good, education is better and protection of civil liberties are excellent. If you are thinking where to go, select New Zealand.

Geography and environment

New Zealand has a width of 400 kilometers and having 15000 km of coastline. You will see long beach along the coast line. Nature is welcoming for all the persons.

Travel to New Zealand

There are various lakes and among them Blue lake is one of the cleanest lake in the world. The water is nice and deep fish can be visible in some of the lakes.This is due to water from Geysers. If you love to swim, you can go to long bay. A cleanest place for your pleasure. You can also enjoy your time with delicious fish dishes which comes from water source. Find some restaurant along lake side and you will enjoy delicious food there. Sea beach of New Zealand are natural clean and peaceful. People come and enjoy the time. Along the beach you may find some small Island. Cloud is common in some of mountain and you can see some place that cloud is playing. Some of the places you will find beautiful mountain which slowly mix with water. Sometimes hills act as barrier so that ocean cannot flood the area. Take sailing as fun and you can do sailing in lot many places. There are some mountain in New Zealand which seems like mars. All we know that mars is a red planet and far away from earth. The country has lot of Geysers and has major tourist attraction. There are some flowing river and water are very clear. While visiting New Zealand, you will find lot of attractions.