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New Technology: What’s Coming And What It Means For You



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New Technology

We are observing massive development from the last century. The technological impact from every corner of life. Every year new technology is coming and we are adopting those. We’re looking at our systems to make sure they can work with the best practices for digital transformation in these emerging markets. the video camera was invented back in 1939 and we are now progressing towards the quantum world.

What’s coming

We have seen that every major technology transition, around the 1950s-2000s, had a path where it just dropped to the nth place in the market. Today, nobody expects to watch television or read a newspaper using basic technology. We expect almost every TV set, or some of the computers, to have a unique function. That has happened already with the video cameras. It was only a few years ago that we had to use VHS (Video Home System) or Beta to capture the quality we require. Since then, the quality is just incredible and we need to learn the new way. A new digital user experience is required. We will see a few groups such as Teslas, Amazon Go, or Tesla cars and smart homes. All these things are coming. It’s about companies adopting the latest technology in this market.

The Internet of Things

IoT is a massive growth in its field. It’s getting much bigger as every connected device from an air conditioner to a car or even a smartphone can have an online identity. Its impact is just as significant as the first and the newest mass-market electronic devices. It will not be a complete shock if we will see the IoT will replace some industries. This trend will still evolve towards smart products but we can expect that manufacturers will focus on improving the user experience by adding AI into the mix. Data Storage The first 20 years of data storage were based on magnetic data storage. Then in the 1990s data began to be stored digitally. To store a massive amount of information of all types is a daunting task but companies of all sizes are working to make this task easier.

Artificial Intelligence

There are only a few movies that are able to show the impact artificial intelligence can have on the way we interact with the world. When we’re talking about artificial intelligence in the context of digital transformation, we’re not talking about hardware, but the software in the infrastructure of a company. We’re looking at our own code and everything around us. Even the security in our data centers, the internet, and everything. With digital transformation, we are seeing the creation of new technology that will allow us to capture data or to make sense of data in the most efficient way, which will give us more control over how to store, manage and analyze data.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is a way to completely immerse the user into a specific environment without being involved with the real world and without any constraints. I think that will have a profound impact on enterprises. For example, people will be able to build 3D models. Manufacturing companies, for example, will be able to plan the manufacturing process with an accurate analysis. This will lead to increased productivity. The Internet Of Things We are witnessing a massive evolution with the Internet Of Things. Its greatest benefit will be opening our world to devices. Devices that are able to communicate with one another. The fact that they are interconnected will open a new platform where every application can use connected devices.


From the article, you can see that the potential of technology is immense and there are huge opportunities for those who want to make it. The hype is there, the legacy technology is there and it will be there for a while and that is the problem for those who want to scale fast and get into the game.

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