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According to insiders, Microsoft intends to expand its gaming business offering by purchasing the chat service. Microsoft was in talks to buy the private US company Discord for over ten billion US dollars, reported the Bloomberg news agency on Tuesday night, citing insiders. Discord started in 2015 and is an online service for voice, video and text communication that was initially aimed primarily at computer gamers. According to its own information, Discord, based in San Francisco, has over 100 million active users per month. Discord had discussions with various potential buyers and Microsoft was in the race, Bloomberg said. However, no deal is imminent. In addition, it is also quite possible that Discord will decide to go public, according to a person involved in the processes. Both companies declined to comment.

In September, Microsoft strengthened its gaming division with the Xbox game console with a multi-billion dollar purchase . The company had announced a takeover agreement with Zenimax Media, the parent company of Bethesda Softworks and several other well-known game developers. Accordingly, Microsoft paid $ 7.5 billion in cash. With its studios, Zenimax is responsible for hit games such as Doom, Fallout and The Elder Scrolls and, according to information at the time, has around 2,300 employees.

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