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Understand mental illness



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In order to properly understand mental illness, it is essential to have a real idea of ​​the frustrations and conflicts of the human mind. When a person fails to reach his goal, frustration arises. Failure to reach the goal is one of the reasons for his stress. There are many reasons why stress can be created in a person’s mind.

Conflict is either a natural phenomenon in human and animal life. Frustration and Conflict Control Human Behavior. Many physicians believe that the success or failure of frustration and conflict depends on our mental health and mental illness through which behavior is interrupted or rejection only when frustration arises. Motivation since both humans and animals are constant companions. This is a source of frustration for a normal human being. He still feels stress because he wants to meet his lover. Sometimes he feels bad for not fulfilling his desire. Feelings of stress are born out of human life. Various social motivations can resolve this issue. People have to fulfill various desires by understanding various techniques. In a complex city society, different kinds of social complexities are created. Desires, hopes, expectations, respect, reflexes, civilizations, and politeness are very subtle feelings. We need to use those feelings vary carefully.

It is very important to understand your own mind.

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