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Psychosomatic harmony



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The combination of mind and body is called psychosomatic. The intimate relationship of the body to mind is creating psychosomatic harmony. The body is always affected by thinking of mind. When our mind is excited, we have trouble concentrating work. There is chaos in work and its effects on our body are sometimes increased heart rate. The problem is that as a result of mental instability, you often talk in a nonhealthy way. We get bored. The mind always wants a peaceful life without any hassle. If the level of stress is high due to indirect injury, our normal physiological process is disrupted, then we forget to smile healthy, forget to talk, and even neglect our responsibilities. 

This relationship between myself and my body has been discussed by many wise scientists and sages since ancient times. Without the mind, the body is nothing to do. Deadman can’t walk.  The thought consciousness of the mind governs our body. Too often we take some extra work to meet our daily needs to live a healthy life and there is no substitute for work for a better future of our children. Work must require a specific time frame. Working day and night means losing and affecting some parts of the body. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. You need more than luck to succeed in your daily life. One should work while maintaining the balance of body and mind and if that work is a pleasurable work then it has an effect on the body and the positive effect creates a good outcome of work.

When a person is unable to cope with severe stress, various physical symptoms occur in the body. Stress causes the release of hormones secreted from the adrenal glands above the head of the kidneys. Its effects on different parts of the body negatively. Social movements are very helpful in maintaining the physical and mental balance of human beings. Humans are social beings. To meet their daily needs, sitting up and moving with different types of people in society is essential. Remains in close contact with positive people and a favorable environment will keep your psychological balance effectively.