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Lithium ion Battery



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So far we have burnt fossil fuel to get energy. We burned the fuel and supplied energy to grid through the transmission line. However, fossil fuel is reducing day by day in quantity. Moreover it is not environmentally friendly. We already explored solar power and wind power. Main disadvantage of electrical energy is that energy cannot stored. To overcome this scenario, lithium ion batteries have taken a good shape. Presently the production cost is high. If we want to replace an electrical substation with a lithium ion battery, we need to replace those with a twenty time cost. But renewable energy is expected to grow 50% in the next five years. Electric cars, cell phones and home appliances have been targeted with lithium ion batteries. There is another type of battery called flow battery. Flow batteries carry electricity outside the battery whereas lithium ion batteries flow electricity within the battery. Flow batteries are price competitive than lithium ions. 

Elon Musk has taken on a project of a battery storage system in Australia. Next generation of power is storage of battery systems. Tesla is trying to reduce the cost of battery. Tesla is hopeful to reduce the cost of batteries. Then electric cars will be flooded all around the world. By 2025, fifty percent of energy will be renewable and will not be a bad plan. 

It was observed that in some cases (strom), Australia occasionally face power supply problems. Elon Musk planned to install a big battery storage system in Australia. In his eye installation of 100 MW is not impossible.