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Limit the production of the Playstation 5?



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The global shortage of chips will also limit the production of the Playstation 5 for a while. Even next year, Sony’s CFO Hiroki Totoki estimates that the console will not be manufactured in sufficient quantities. This is annoying for potential buyers, but they do not miss out on many games. Most of the next-gen titles planned by Sony will also appear for the Playstation 4.

This is also not surprising: the Playstation 4 has sold over 100 million times. It is Sony’s most successful console – although the PS2 has sold more often, Sony Interactive Entertainment has broken all of the revenue records with the PS4. This is also due to the online infrastructure that the company has built and that is paid for by millions of users every month. Until these quantities can even be reached on the PS5, Sony will continue to rely on the previous console.

Neither for the next “God of War” game nor for “Gran Turismo 7″, you will most likely need a Playstation 5. According to current information, both games are to be offered for the Playstation 4, just like the recently published ” Horizon Forbidden West “. Sony’s game development arm Playstation Studio also wants to continue to publish its own titles for the PC. As in the case of the Playstation title “ Days Gone ”, which was ported to the PC in May, it can take a little longer between the console and PC evaluation. The PC version of the game wasn’t launched until two years after the original Playstation variant.

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