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It’s important to change thought patterns



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There is a question that whether we will take pills or psychotherapy to overcome depression. This may be because drugs, treatments for mental illnesses such as anxiety and other disorders are not readily available in most parts of the world so patients find them difficult until they reach an advanced age.

It’s important to change thought patterns, learn how to overcome mental obstacles, and pick up better habits that exist in our minds. Thoughts are exactly that, an illusion that exists only in our minds but literally composes us and affects what we project outwards in every aspect of our lives and on to others.

I am definitely an advocate for pills because sometimes the frustration can become so overwhelming that it keeps me stuck in my tracks unable to even make a change. For people with higher severity of depression, it is completely necessary to use pills as an aid, but if you aren’t making any internal changes alongside this your not really making any progress and essentially just numbing the way your negative thoughts hold you under its thumb. That’s what I realize for myself anyways after being on meds for a year and relying solely on that.

What we allow to feed our minds can also be detrimental. Take a minute and think about the people you allow around you, the music you listen to, the things you read, etc, and how all of those things make you feel as well. Remember that healing is not a race and you are able to take as much time as you need to become stronger even if it takes 10,20,30 years as long as every day your working to become better than yesterday.

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