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Investing in Bitcoin



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There is a lot of video on youtube for an investment earning. Among basic earning methodology, investment is one of them. People are investing in bitcoin. They are observing the rapid rise and easy way of earning. The young generation is vastly attracted by bitcoin.

It was in this context that I saw two different sets of potentials for Bitcoin based on the original model. The old idea of a central authority, such as banks or governments, controlling all economic activity would be extremely inefficient and destructive to freedom of exchange in an age when people have more flexibility than ever about how they invest their money. This approach makes sense from a financial perspective because it avoids centrally controlled currency (money-printing) where consumers will always seek value through less costly investments rather than spending at inflationary rates while also not requiring large capital investment which inevitably leads ultimately to hyperinflation. Do anybody of them knows that how the currency is rising?

Bitcoin will likely go to 1 million in the next decade or so. But it begs the question, will a million USD still be worth anything? What will be the real value of one million? A glass of water! Maybe at that time cost of a house will be 100 billion. However, please remember all investment has rise and fall.

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