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Interesting Facts About The red planet mars



barren landscape of the planet mars
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If you are interested in the solar system and the overall working of the universe, you must have heard of the planet “Mars”. It is the closest planet to our planet, the Earth. People of our world is now interested about mars. Here are some interesting facts about this red fiery neighbor of our blue cool Earth:

It is named after the Roman god of war

Mars, the planet, is named after the famous Roman god of war, Mars. Mars was the most prominent and most widely known god in the military back in ancient Rome. Another fun fact: the third month of the year, March, is also named after Mars. One of the reasons why the planet is named after a god of war is because the planet is red, and so is blood. Bloodshed is linked to war, and there we have the name. Ancient Babylon had named this planet “Nergal”, after the god of fire, war and destruction .

Mars has the tallest mountain in the solar system

Mars, astounding enough, has the tallest mountain in the entire solar system. The mountain has been dubbed as “Olympus Mons” and is about 21 km high, with a 300 km radius. Some scientists still consider this mountain to be an active mountain. An active mountain is a mountain from which lava can overflow at any time.

Mars has the longest valley in the solar system

As well as having the highest mountain in the solar system, it has the longest valley too. This valley is known as “Valles Marineris”, and goes 6 miles deep while being roughly 2500 miles long.

Why is Mars so red?

The reason why Mars is so red is because the planet is filled with iron-rich minerals. Iron itself doesn’t make the soil look red. Rather, it is the fact that the iron inside the soil oxidizes sometimes which causes the soil to look red.

Earth has a little Mars

There have been little pieces of Mars on our planet ever several millions of years ago. The people of planet Earth have been researching on the planet itself way before it was actually discovered in the solar system.  I guess you could say that this Gaia has a little bit of fire inside it, am I right?

Mars will have a ring once

We all know that Mars isn’t one of those planets that have a ring. But that might change in the next 20-30 million years. Mars has a lot of moons, and the largest of the moon: Phobos, will get torn apart by the gravitational forces from the Earth, the Sun and the planet itself, resulting in countless small debris that will eventually form a ring outside the planet.

Mars has water

If you have read the news, you may know that people have finally found water on Mars. But what they do not know is the fact that water has always been found on Mars, just not in the state that was just considered. Previously, the water was supposed to be in the form of ice. But now, people have found water in the form of liquid too. There are many other tricky facts about this red little planet. All we know that water is one source for make our living habitable.

The reason why Mars is so red is because the planet is filled with iron-rich minerals.