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I could do better and then I did!



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Try and search for your best opportunity. You need to find your best one.

In my first big job, the consensus was that there were zero jobs available in that company. In fact, they rarely hired anyone, and “usually”, if they needed to fill a position, they’d bring someone in from the field “temporarily”. It was one of those jobs where even in the rare instance that there was an opening, it wasn’t listed in the paper (before the internet) or advertised in any way. On top of that, they “typically” only hired people who were related to someone already working there and it was “usually” someone who had 20+ years in that would be consulted.

I “decided” that I would go to the HR manager’s office every day until they either called the police or gave me a job. This HR manager was not middle management, he was a top executive, so he could hire without getting permission. So, I did not only decide to bug him each day, but I followed thru. For the first week, the receptionist told me, “forget it, honey, there’s no way”.

The second week, she started to actually call the HR mgr’s secretary to humor me, hang up the phone and say: “He’s far too busy to see you”. The third week (let me remind you, this is every single day), the secretary actually came out twice and spoke to me, telling me how they just didn’t have any jobs and didn’t foresee an opening for a very long time. The fourth week, the HR mgr himself came out one day and told me pretty much the same thing. He strongly “suggested” I give this nonsense up and go find a job elsewhere. On day 2 of the fifth week, I got up, did my morning routine, and had my planned visit to the company when the phone rang.

It was the HR secretary. She said, “the HR mgr wants you to come in at 1 pm to see him”. So, I go in and he said: “Listen, I’ve had enough of this and I’m going to hire you. I admire how you stuck to your goal, you didn’t give up and took initiative. Also, if I had to deal with you trudging in here, disrupting 3 people for another day, I’d go insane. That was it! You see, there were countless people who wanted to work at this company. It was the highest pay, best benefits, with laid back people who were also very good at what they did and everyone came in and worked their way up. The difference between me and all those others who just wished they worked there was that I “decided” to do what I did and then I actually did it. While I became known well for my SOP pre-hire, within the company, outside, there were lots of others who thought the HR mgr was my uncle or some other nonsense and they hated me for getting that job. Instead of looking in the mirror and admitting they weren’t willing to push the envelope, they “decided” to sit back and hope they got a job from that one application they filled out last year. While they “decided” they wanted that job, they didn’t do anything to facilitate it.

I did and I succeeded. In fact, I’ve been doing that all my life. I work harder, do more, contribute beyond and I climb. What makes me different? I act on my “decisions” and guess what? If I can do it, so can you. My journey from that job to where I am now, would shock you based on what happened 3 years later and beyond, but that would take too long. Suffice it to say, I’m now far better off and more successful than I’d ever been working at that coveted hometown job. But, it was a great start and gave me lots of experience and knowledge. I took that knowledge and experience and “decided” I could do better and then I did!

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