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I constantly feel overwhelmed



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You can’t solve a problem you’re not willing to have. Having a single passion is a farce. Humans crave variety on some level. Locking yourself down to doing one thing is not human.

My mom would ask if wanted to go for Chinese or Italian. Whichever one I said, she would ask what’s wrong with the other menu. Collect, reduce, decide and move on. That how you make yourself happy. In a nutshell, the idea behind happiness is to feel good about your life for as long at least possible in whatever way feels best to YOU. The problem with doing this by constantly complaining that it’s bad or not satisfying until one has “moved past” something will be obvious when everyone comes up against their threshold, the negative experience they are currently experiencing. 

Imagining alternative futures can be an eye-opener and very motivational too. Accepting and appreciating also have big roles in overall happiness. Freeing yourself from culturally imposed paradigms and allowing yourself to explore, experiment, and unfold your full potential is what makes for a full life!

I know not even an infant can do anything better than your parents did when they were their own children. you can’t solve a problem you’re not willing to have.

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