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Huawei update



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Because of the recently tightened US sanctions, Huawei is apparently running away from the employees of its chip division Hisilicon in droves. Huawei had previously poached them, sometimes at high costs.

The US government’s sanctions against Huawei , which have been tightened again and again in recent months, are now apparently having an effect. After the Chinese manufacturer was initially able to report good figures, it is now running out of chipsets for high-end smartphones, among other things. Reason: The Taiwanese contract manufacturer TSMC has stopped deliveries to Huawei under pressure from the USA. Alternative providers such as Mediatek could also be forced to break off trading relationships with Huawei. This also has negative effects on the in-house chip department Hisilicon.

The massive problems caused primarily by the US sanctions are meanwhile causing upheaval in the entire industry. Suppliers are currently struggling with major failures because Huawei orders are no longer available. Even the US chip giant Qualcomm is feeling this development painfully and is demanding an end to the embargo from the US government. The losses caused by the elimination of Huawei as a customer are said to amount to eight billion US dollars at Qualcomm alone. In the smartphone market, the competition from China should benefit in particular, as Win-future writes .