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How to Make the World a Better Place?



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We need a livable world. Disease and poverty-free world. Present human activity is causing climate change. We want toxic-free air. We need support on natural hazards like drought, flood, or hurricanes.

Ways to make the world a better place

We have so many opportunities to make the world a better place: Get your acts together If you want to do something big and difficult in your life. So, do you want to save the world? Are you serious? I know what I want to do. But how can I start? The start of anything creates an impact. There is nothing more we can do now but ask our government to protect the planet. The good news is that there is a solution: there is one solution to all these issues and that is to make the right decisions. If you want to go to Mars, don’t drive a car there. If you want to save the world, don’t eat beef, reduce carbon emission. You can help local people by educating them. You may not be aware of it, but you can help our local community by participating in community service. The reason we should do this is that local people often need support.

More preservation of forests

Increasing carbon sequestration Better infrastructure: better transportation, and buildings and hospitals that are less energy-intensive. By improving our way of life, we can improve the quality of our environment. About Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) number 7 To achieve the common goal of ending poverty in all its forms everywhere. We need to improve our economic and social conditions: Improve employment opportunities and labor conditions in order to reduce inequality, encourage social and economic inclusion and provide decent work and equal opportunities for women. Limit consumption of products that harm the environment. Protect ecosystems and natural resources. How to Increase your personal environmental and economic sustainability?

Sustainable farming

Fruit trees and vegetables. Wildlife habitats. Herb farming “Educate children on the methods, the impact, and the economic benefits of permaculture. Then all of our children will be able to live as full members of society, as responsible, ethical, compassionate members of the human race. Permaculture has been integrated into agricultural development since the late 19th century. Some people believe that it is the main reason for the exponential increase in food production over the last century. Basic Permaculture Design Permaculture design promotes the efficient use of limited resources. It supports forest gardening and a clear-cut farming system. It is a system that utilizes the biodiversity of a natural ecosystem to sustain human wellbeing.

More recycling

Reduce waste and its negative impact Reduce pollutants Respect nature and live like an organic human Social responsibility Provide opportunities for more people to make a living Reduce impact on the environment. Do you know how to make the world a better place? Develop green technology, make cities more sustainable. I gave a talk a few years ago about how I use chocolate as a tool to make the world a better place. Convincing local people. Afterward, a guy came up to me and said, “I wanted to say thank you for everything you do. The bagels I always get from you are great. I live in Mexico City, every day I wake up in the morning for participating in community activities.

Animal welfare

We want animal welfare in our societies. Most animals suffer in terrible conditions in factory farms. #LiveAgriculture, #ReplaceFactoryFarming, #FarmVoucherApp, #FarmersUnite, #MeatFreeSunday, #FreePlantBreeding, #FarmVoucherApp #eatplantfree Veganism and fauna. We want veganism and animals to live free from human pollution and cruelty. We support the live vegetarian and vegan movements. #Vegans4SustainableLiving, #ChewMeatCows, #Plantageddon, #VeganYouRep, #VeganLiving, #VeganIreland Sex Education We want sex education in schools so kids will learn about healthy sexuality and safe sex.

Peace and democracy

When one speaks about protection, the immediate concern is the elimination of weapons of mass destruction or WMD. Nuclear weapons have been used in war, and both the old and new. A system is being developed to detect launch before the missile hits. In 1960 the Soviet Union tested an atomic weapon in the atmosphere over Finland. It is the weapon used against Japan in 1945. Since then, we have kept vigil. The first test ban treaty was signed in 1963 and the last in 1991. It was not a success, but its existence is a good example of humans coming together and working towards a common goal. The aspiration for nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation has risen a great deal. The effects of war, or counter-terrorism, are very sad.


Create smarter, healthier, stronger people. We need to prepare for the threats of the future. We must learn more and prepare better. Learn from China. China just hired 700,000 engineers. The government there hired more engineers. And we want kids to go to college and make decent livings. Therefore, we need more educated people. Sanitation concern – the world is in terrible shape. To live in a clean, healthy, sanitary world, we must first go green. We need a world-class sewage system. We need a sewer system. This could be the source of massive economic growth. We would have roads, sewage drains. Clean, living sewage systems. People won’t want to live next to us. And we would have more roads to get out.


When you want to make your world a better place, you need to do so consciously, because you want to make a difference. You don’t need to change the whole world, change your family and surrounding. But if you’re aware of a situation you can do something about, that is a huge step. You can build a school, you can fix a road, you can educate a person, you can promote knowledge! You can do something, without expecting to change the whole world. Let’s talk about what you can do?

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