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How Technology Will Change Our Lives In The Next 5 Years?



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The whole human world is dependent on technology. Starting from home, going through the road, and up to office activity. Our world has lot many unsolved problems. Among them the various vaccine, poverty, education, climate change, and much more. Next 5 years there will be a drastic change in our lives.


Machine Learning is one of the most promising new technologies of the next 5 years. Machine learning will change a lot of things. Right now, we have lot many schools and a lot many education departments all over the world. We have a certain kind of online schooling system with thousands of schools and colleges in the world. These schools/colleges have taught a lot of things about various prospects. But machines will take over this from us. This will make education available to all the people of the world from the various corners. Recruitment In the next 5 years, we will have more employable people in the world. Recruitment will be much easier for companies. Due to the advancement of technology in various industries. Now it is possible to show the potential employees where they can work from home.


Of course, all these problems need technology. Many areas are going to face many problems in the next five years. One of them will be Health care. There are lots of technology like robotic surgery, 3D printing, flexible electronics, biofeedback. It will definitely result in huge change for the better. Especially, with 5G networks that can give wireless speed in half the time as the normal 4G. It will be the best, revolutionary and biggest transformation in the whole world. It will soon reach all corners of the world and people will have to adapt. And I’m sure it will be highly beneficial for everyone. The first place in the world to have Internet in Papua New Guinea.


In 2015 many new AI-developed machines learn technology entered the industry and would improve in the next 5 years. There will be rapid progress in the researches in the health industry, new vaccines, and effective medicine will be developed by this new technology. Poverty With a huge increase in population, there will be a substantial increase in hospitalization. Also, there will be a significant increase in cancer. Therefore, there will be a significant impact on poverty and health. There will be an extensive advancement in the education system. In the present era, people with lower literacy skills are facing the high burden of poor education. Higher education would not only decrease the burden but also improve the job prospects of the people.


The next 5 years will be brilliant for the auto industry. It will provide mobile phone or internet in the car and keep up with the web. This will bring it the capabilities of global positioning systems and also internet on the roads. This will help the auto industries to enhance their productivity as the information collected will be available online. What’s New 2017– End of Passengers Cars Self-driving cars have now reached the levels of cost reduction and it’s nearly ready to go. They are already coming in new models, which makes it an ideal time to change the face of the transport system. All this in the era of widespread acceptance of digital currency technology. The automotive manufacturers and government have taken this process seriously. The end of cars is the reality now.


The world’s internet usage has reached 51.2% in the past year. Since we do all our shopping on the internet, a good share of our activity is done on the internet. Business people make a good income through their online businesses. Internet is expanding with new content for people to consume and new services to provide. The good thing is that you don’t have to be connected to the internet to benefit from it. We need to be ready for a whole digital transformation.

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