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Heart transplant



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Heart transplantation is a process which may carry out at the end stage of a patient. When all medical and surgical process been failed, it is an option. A brain dead person can be a source of heart which may transplant in a diseased person. It is not uncommon in practice and about 3500 persons are completing the process each year in US.

Survival rate: The rate depends on various factor like Donner final health condition and matching with receptor’s body type. However based on a survey, it found that there are a success rate of 88%.

When it is done? Heart disease can be prevented but there is a moment when this is the only option. At that condition transplantation take process but with a huge risk. Alternatively death is obvious without a new heart.

Risks: In most of the cases old persons are carrying transplanted heart. There are risks of infection, bleeding, stroke and lung problems. Also there may be a problem of blood clotting.

Cost: The process is a costly one and can end up with $1.4 million. Donner is a great problem which varies case to case.

Artificial heart: Estimates of the expenses of the artificial heart include charges for the surgical procedure, device and console, and continuing medical surveillance. These estimates range from a low of $100,000 to a high of $300,000 per patient in the initial year. Other cost will include yearly.

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