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Health professionals contributed healthcare service in hospital, clinic and healthcare front. These professionals contributed a significant role all around the world during COVID-19 pandemic. Sometimes we call them front liner. Dead fatally was all around the world due to virus, frontline gave an excellent service. They does perfectly—that way their presence is more noticeable but they’re still performing just as good when given that opportunity. Frontlines may also have some knowledge of other areas within medical care including orthopedics, imaging, gynecology etc.

Impact of virus is not uncommon. In February 2008 Mumbai witnessed a massive outbreak of bird flu after two clusters infected more than 300 million birds causing large losses for farmers across Indian states. However, it wasn’t until April 25, 2010 that Pakistan suffered major impact on its ecosystem as 100 dead bats were found by biologists who had come downwind from Karachi airport. On any pandemic, front liner plays a great role.

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