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Google map update



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We all relay our movement on Google maps.Google has given its Maps service an extensive update. In the future, the maps in Google Maps will be designed to be even more detailed and colorful.Apple had completely redesigned its map app just a few months ago . The iPhone company promised its users faster and more precise navigation, better data for pedestrians and comprehensive views of streets, parks and buildings. Google is now following suit. In the coming days, Google Maps will receive an extensive update. Google mainly focuses on visual improvements. The presentation should be more detailed and colorful, as Google announced in a blog post .

On the optimized maps, users should be able to see more precisely what an area looks like. In the future, light brown, dry beaches and deserts should be able to differ slightly from blue lakes, rivers, oceans and gorges. In addition, it should also be easier to see how lush and green the vegetation is in the particular places. The new Google Maps should also be able to see exactly whether there is snow on the peaks.

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