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The lack of knowledge about nutrition is very evident in our people. This level of ignorance is even higher among women who are supposed to be aware of the health of other members of the family. As a result of this lack of nutrition, we see that almost everyone in the upper middle class is more inclined towards a fat diet. Children ‘or young children prefer to eat meat and avoid vegetables. Fans of the fish are also very few in family .Some children do not eat shrimp or any other fish. Therefore, due to lack of nutrition, the number of heart diseases in the country is increasing so fast today. Foods that have fat and are harmful to health include cows and goats, full-fried milk, ghee, butter, dalda, butter oil, egg yolk and coconut.These fats enter the blood directly from the intestine after going into the stomach and arms with food. When the amount of fat in the blood is higher than normal levels, they accumulate in the walls of the arteries and narrow the blood vessels and thereby reduce blood flow. This is when the heart muscle appears in the arteries of the heart, which causes shortness of blood resulting in chest pain, called ischemic heart disease.

When fat substances enter into the blood more than once – the blood can cling to the artery, forming small blood vessels, and the edema can be trapped in a partially closed blood vessel. When these blood vessels are completely closed, the heart attack triggers a seizure called heart attack.Young people need to eat less of this fat-rich diet to avoid heart attack. Fish and vegetables have to be subsidized as food and middle-aged people should eat non-fat milk without eating milk. It is completely inappropriate to eat eggs with more than two or three rings a week. If you wish, you can eat eggs daily if the egg yolk is removed.Foods that are high in quality and help to reduce cholesterol in the body are high-fat foods. Foods that contain ‘arthritic fats’ are greens, roasted wheat flour, sweet potatoes, (lagoons, sweet pumpkin, apples, corn, etc.)

Homemade leaf curd and oatmeal, olive oil reduces blood fat. Housewives should always be careful about cooking so as not to use too much oil during cooking.

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