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Entrepreneurship is a great choice either man or woman. Last year, 11.6 million U.S. businesses were women as owners. They produce employment opportunities of 9 million people and generated more than $1.7 trillion in revenue. One of the amazing fact is In short, male entrepreneurs seem to be young, whereas female counterparts tend to be older,  women have a harder time in the startup scene than men. The various study found the fact. Since the numbers are still unique. But why is that? And how do foundresses handle it?

Significantly fewer women than men found in Germany. At least, if you dive into the startup scene, you have to look for purely female founding teams for quite a while. The quest for rapid growth and venture capital juggling is still considered a male. But why is that? And what makes the foundation even more difficult? Six female entrepreneurs report where women have special challenges and how to deal with them.

“Founders and founders both have a hard time. It is clear, however, that investors are mostly male and therefore make decisions that are not very or very few divers. This makes it difficult for women to obtain capital. For many projects, donors are the only way to move a business forward. By no means do I want to suggest to the women that they should best leave the reasons the same. Rather, I think it makes sense to empower them and give them more visibility. If women can tell their stories on different platforms, they will also be more popular with investors. Taking responsibility requires courage and that must be wanted. That is real courage. Fear is not a good companion at a foundation! ”

“One of the biggest issues women face when setting up is, in my opinion, getting in the way of themselves. This is not the fault of women but is due to the fact that girls are often brought more to caution and perfectionism. Often the principles apply: Only when everything is perfect, the project may be published. Only when everything is completely thought out, you can hold a workshop. And only when you are perfectly prepared, you can give an interview. But there is no such thing as perfect, so this attitude is unlikely to inhibit. I also noticed that myself. I’ve found that if I want to bring something to the world, I have to put off my perfectionism and just do a lot of things.”

One of the goods things of a female entrepreneur is coolness. They can make the decision very nicely. Gisele Bundchen, founder Sejaa Skincare, The world’s most powerful supermodel is also a natural skincare entrepreneur.

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