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Direct message from social platform is a great tool and Facebook is doing that.Facebook has started to merge the chat services of Instagram and Messenger on mobile devices. The plans for this were published in early 2019.

Some people may already have received a notification on the Instagram home screen. On both iOS and Android devices, users have been informed that there will be “a new way of messaging”. In the course of the notification, users are given the opportunity to update the app. Other new features announced by the Info-screen include a new colorful design, emoji reactions, simple swipes to reply to messages and the option to chat with friends from Facebook.

After the app is updated, the Instagram DM icon disappears and is replaced by the Messenger logo. In the future, it will be possible to send messages across platforms. However, if you are a creature of habit, you should bear in mind that the appearance of the Instagram inbox will change before performing the update.

Since the update is not mandatory, users who prefer to keep both chats separate can select the “Not now” option. It will be particularly practical for people who only use one of the two platforms and can now communicate with people who have decided on another platform.