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Enter in a cave



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You can enter a cave. The river is on other side of the hole. Peoples are visiting here from far away, they have come to visit the place. But why? What’s so special about this place in New Zealand? You can find river sound. You can also feel the air. Natural feeling. When I was walking with my guide, there were things we learned from each other that helped us understand how our minds work and what is going on in human nature. One of these observations came not too long after he told me about his experiences about this cave. Entering in cave is a great experience. The most challenging thing about it is the level of detail, and how many different things you have to do. Feel the sound of birds. Look at sky, lot of birds. I was there with my friends for a while. When asked how long he spent in this particular spot — his answer was only he known location on Earth. 

Caves Motor Inn, Hangatiki, New Zealand. Stay there and feel the sound.

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