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Empty beach attraction



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While visiting along the coast, I found am empty beach. Free from noise and dirt. Even no people were there. At 4:30 pm in morning our plane came near sea again. So we flew down here at night with two boats to bring her over main island then take a boat back under water by way of Tampemau Island towards Kaga village which is about 200 km away on shore. We managed it like this for 24 hours without any issues except that one person took my luggage out early while he was asleep due some problem. As baggage carrier could not handle his heavy cargo load alone. The flight attendants did their best but all things happened differently so far.

I was thinking why the beach is so empty? Can I stay there for couple of hours? Blue water and Rocky sand attracts me very much.

Beach Front Motel, Napier, New Zealand, stay safe there. A nice place for travel.