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Tesla Inc. initially Tesla Motors was incorporated, by Tarpenning and Martin Eberhard in the year 2003. Due to the 2008 financial crisis and a series of conflicts in 2007, Eberhard was fired from the company. Musk took over the duties of CEO and Product Engineer, a position he still holds.

Tesla Motors

Elon Musk is co-founder and CEO of Tesla. His early interest in reading science fiction philosophy and fiction is reflected in his sense of idealism and his interest in human progress.  He oversees the design, engineering, and manufacturing of products, electric vehicles, batteries and solar roofs for the company. Musk has long been interested in the possibilities offered by electric vehicles and in the year 2004, he became a major financier for Tesla Motors. In the year 2006, the Roadster was introduced. It was the first car capable of traveling 245 miles on only a single charge. Unlike most of the previous electric cars, which Musk considered heavy and indifferent, a sports car could go from 97 km / h in less than four seconds. In the year 2010, the initial public offering of the company was raised approximately $ 226 million. Tesla introduced the S sedan Model after two years, which has been applauded by car critics for its performance and design. The company also received praise for Model X, luxury SUV released in the year 2015. Model 3 went into production in the year 2017. Musk stated reservations about Tesla’s public transactions and, on August 2018, published a series of tweets about the company’s privacy claiming he had received funds. The following month, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) sued Elon Musk for counterfeiting of securities, saying the tweets were wrong and misleading. Tesla’s counsel rejected the agreement proposed by the Supreme Council of Education, according to reports, because Musk had threatened to resign. However, the news caused a fall in the shares of Tesla and a difficult deal was finally accepted. Musk was president for three years yet he had the permission to continue as the CEO.

Unsatisfied with the expected cost ($ 68 billion) of California’s high-speed rail system, Musk proposed in 2013 a faster alternate system, Hyperloop, a 28-passenger antenna-capsule tube traveling 350 miles between Los Angeles and San Francisco in 35 minutes at a maximum speed of 1 220 km / h, almost the speed of sound. Musk said that Hyperloop would cost only $ 6 billion and that with capsules every two minutes on average, the system could accommodate six million people traveling this route each year. However, he said that between the execution of Tesla and SpaceX, he couldn’t give time to the development of Hyperloop.

Tesla also manufactures two energy storage products, namely the Powerpack Industrial-scale battery and the Powerwall home battery. In the year 2016, Tesla became the first integrated sustainable energy company in the world by acquiring SolarCity, the largest supplier of solar energy systems in the United States, and launched in 2017 Solar Roof, a solar power generation product.

It was the first car capable of traveling 245 miles on only a single charge

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