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The average cost of electric scooters is around $300 sometimes a little high. If the duty is heavy it may cost around $700, battery charging time is 3.5 hours. You can gain speed 14 MPH. Electric scooters can go uphill , the lesser the weight is better to climb. MASSIMO is a low-cost and basic electric scooter that is surprisingly capable of speeds of up to 30 mph, for sure an incredible speed.

While walking in street, you can find that they stand, lie and roll on every corner.Three months after their registration, electric scooters dominate the streets cape in many major German cities. But despite a record summer with hot temperatures and little rain, the interim results are sobering. A survey by the market research institute GFK recently revealed that 70 percent of Germans are not yet interested in the new means of transport approved in Germany since June. Only five percent of the more than 1,000 men and women interviewed for the study had already tried an e – scooter by the beginning of July – mainly for recreational purposes and less so as an alternative to other modes of transport such as cars.

Paris and USA are using e-scooters most as it is environment friendly. E-scooters don’t emit GHC gas.

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