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Dumped water pollution



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Polluted water from industry and animal farms are harmful. These are chemically contaminated water. Industrial and agricultural activity use different types of chemicals. They can run out the water and pollute the environment. Aquatic life involved in risk with polluted water. In water there are aquatic living being like fish, frog and take oxygen through gills or skins. Contaminated water reduce their lifetime and breeding also. Human being are dependent on various aquatic animals and as such has indirect effect on us. Also affects of polluted water on wildlife is severe.

Arsenic, rado, uranium are chemicals for contamination of water. Arsenic contaminated soil and toxic water from irrigation cause pollution. 30 micro-gram of uranium is safe limit for drinking water. If found excessive creates cancer in human body. Uranium is higher in water on elevated levels of world. Uranium can damage our kidney and has neurological effects. With reverse osmosis we can dissolve uranium.

All water created from waste of human, whether it is treated or untreated, goes to ocean. This is one of major cause of ocean pollution.

Every day more than 60 million plastic bottle goes to in landfills. Last year it was 22 billion.

 For a plastic bottle, it takes 20 years to decompose and can take up-to 450 years. Some of them may take up-to 600 years. But truth is nobody know where is the end year.

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