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Googling is not only synonymous with Internet searches in world. There are a number of exciting Google alternatives. After 2002, the English-language equivalent – “to google” – was also included in the Oxford English Dictionary and the Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary. Although the search engine in this country is largely synonymous with searching the web, there are many alternatives to the provider. Some of them stand out because they pay much more attention to the protection of your data than the advertising giant from Mountain View, California. Other Google alternatives have become specialists in very specific search questions. In the following we want to give you an overview of 30 such search engines.

Duckduckgo: Probably the most popular search engine with a focus on data protection. If any search engine could benefit from the Prism revelations, it is Duckduckgo . The number of users of the US search engine is still rising sharply. This is due to the provider’s promise not to collect any user data. With Duckduckgo you can not only search for websites, but also search for images and videos on the Internet. The Dutch provider Start page takes your search queries, forwards them anonymously to Google and then shows you the results. The whole thing is financed by non-personalized advertising. In contrast to Google itself, Start page does not collect any IP addresses of users and does not save any cookies for identification. In addition to searching for websites, you can also search for images, videos and messages.

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