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Drone flies over an erupting volcano



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The drone is a growing technology. We can observe the eruption of a volcano with a drone. Drone technology has changed the way we live in the 21st century. This technology is being used for military purposes, commercial purposes, and scientific purposes.

The Youtuber Joey Helms provides his subscribers with tutorials and reviews on all kinds of camera and photo topics on his channel. The self-made drone videos, in which he flies over the Dolomites or shows Hong Kong at night, are particularly popular with his 32,000 followers. Most of his videos, however, come from the far north-west of Europe. The sparsely populated island nation of Iceland is also the location of his last drone video, which came to an abrupt end. On the island, Helms set off with his equipment to the currently erupting volcano Fagradalsfjall and filmed the lava flows with his DJI drone as they made their way into the valley. These are spectacular photos that Joey Helms was able to take of the volcanic eruption that shone brightly in the dark night. A much longer video would probably have been made, had it not been for a small, but nevertheless huge, incident.

Drone swallowed by lava

Due to the extremely hot air and the constant eruptions, the sensitive drone had to struggle with turbulence, which in the end was also responsible for its almost predictable crash. A crash that at least left Helms and his audience with recordings in the middle of the flood of lava. The drone was hit by a wave of lava and embers, but the video material was still able to be saved. In the end, a video was created that once again underpins the monstrous violence and beauty of our planet. Perhaps the next time you buy a drone, you should think about the Mars drone Ingenuity.

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