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Depression is a disorder of the mind



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Depression is like a common cold. Needs tender loving care to cure it! It’s important to change thought patterns, learn how to overcome mental obstacles, and pick up better habits that exist in our minds.

Depression is a disorder of the mind. treating depression based on symptoms in a laboratory setting, but that the drug can also help treat depressive disorders without treatment. (The study used an experimental antidepressant for patients with borderline personality disorder and mania.) Following is a depression story:

I had major depression from the end of last year into the start of this year. I lost interest in the gym, in painting, in reading. I don’t know when it started creeping in. I couldn’t stop crying, it felt like a massive hole in my chest, nothing made it go away, and the thoughts I had were horrible. I was suicidal.

I made a folder and put bank statements, car documents, passwords and pin codes, letters to my niece, nephew, siblings, and parents, and an informal will because I wanted everything to be organized for when I died. I knew how I was going to do it. Medication saved my life. I needed it to be able to feel capable of getting to the root of where those feelings came from. If I’d go to the doctor and he told me everything this woman is saying then I probs my wouldn’t be here typing this right now. Sometimes a person needs medication to be able to see things clear-headed.

Depression isn’t feeling down, it goes much deeper than that, and it’s bloody hard work pulling yourself out of it and look at things objectively (it took me nearly a year). The problem was, people would tell me that there were no issues but I didn’t believe it because of all the horrible things I was telling myself. Trying to convince yourself that your inner voice lies is so difficult, and when you reach a point where you can distinguish between who you are and what the depressive part of you is it’s easy to say you need to change your mindset. Buts it’s bloody hard, and you go over it and over it until it sticks. Sometimes though medication is the only way out of a hole. My doctor made sure to tell me that it wasn’t a long-term solution, I needed to help myself as well, but without those tablets, I didn’t have a fighting chance.

Depression is so much more than a bad mood. With true depression you can’t even lift yourself out of the mood, you can only ride it out. Once it’s gone you feel a little bit better but never great. And you know a bad depression is coming back eventually. Depression is like a common cold. Needs tender loving care to cure it!

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