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Deepfake Detection- Facebook



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Learning is the basic of AI. A set of data is used to train the network. The number are network increases, learning deepness increases. Deep learning was thought impossible few years back but now days it is possible. We can easily detect hyper-realistic images, voices, video, text and can create a good contribution for detection of fake. Google took this phenomenon very seriously. AI practices become useful.

Facebook has launched its recently announced Deepfake Detection Challenge. The contest, co-hosted with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, Partnership on AI and prestigious universities, allows participants to submit their codes for identifying deep-fake videos. Preventing the spread of counterfeit videos is, according to Facebook,  a serious concern for the tech industry and society as a whole. The prize money amounts to a total of one million US dollars , according to the official website . For the challenge, the companies use the data science portal Kaggle to provide a data set of more than 100,000 videos over 470 gigabytes in size. In this way, participants receive the original of a video and the manipulated deepfake variant for developing their codes. Facebook expressly emphasizes that the videos are not videos of users of its services. They were created in advance with paid actors in front of different backgrounds and in different poses.

Until March 2020, codes can be submitted either as an open source version or as a proprietary version via Kaggle. Those who submit closed source code cannot hope for prize money, but they can use the data sets beyond the competition. A ranking list enables participants to see how they are doing at any time.

A jury of representatives from MIT, the University of Maryland and the Technical University of Munich and other universities will select the winners of the challenge . They will be announced in April 2020. First place will receive $ 500,000, second place will be $ 300,000, third place will be $ 100,000, fourth place will be $ 60,000 and another $ 40,000 of the one million strong prize money will go to fifth place Place.

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