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Corona test breakdown in Bavaria



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There was a major glitch in corona tests in Bavaria. 900 people did not find out they had the corona virus. How the breakdown came about is still unclear.In Bavaria, travelers returning from abroad can have themselves tested. The tests are free. It has been around since July 25th. The tests are carried out at airports, train stations or motorway service areas. So far, 44,000 people have been tested. 

The parties Die Grunen, FDP and Die Linke have said: The Bavarian state government has made serious mistakes.Many politicians and experts in Germany are concerned about the increasing number of corona cases. In the past week, more than 1,400 cases were reported to the health authorities within one day. That is the highest number since the beginning of May.

The federal health minister is called Jens Spahn. He demands: People have to adhere to the hygiene rules. People have to wear masks and keep their distance. In some federal states there are now tougher fines for people who break the rules.

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