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Conversions from Google Ads?



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Google Adsense is a decent way of earning from all around the world. The ads platform is content-based and the ads mainly search for keywords. You can analyze your keywords from Hoth( and can have an estimation on CPC. It is better for not going on high CPC rather medium. From there you can find volume search and long-tail keywords. Google ads always align with keywords and can create an opportunity for earning more. You need to send your landing page to the right people. If your content is on cooking and sends those content on car purchasing site, revenue will be less.

A properly landing page is essential for a website. People will convert to different pages from the landing page. You’ll want to make sure your page is relevant to the topic of the ads, relevant keywords. Link is a good way to divert people but need to limit the number of links. And you’ll want to use multi-step forms on your landing page.