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“Content is king” is an often-cited quote in the world of online marketing, search engine marketing, and content marketing. Without content, the product is valueless. In times of social media, products, services, and communication are increasingly merging. The forefathers of content marketing have conceived the discipline as a kind of fast riding horses. It creates content that people find exciting and hopes that it can also be used to transport far-fetched company messages. “Three companies did an exemplary job differently,” says Susanne Harnisch, founder of XO-Projects, an agency specializing in content marketing. We’re talking about Guinness, dr. Oetker and Michelin. The brewery put socializing and events at the center of its brand strategy, and the hunt for absurd records fits perfectly into the picture. We can easily realize the value of “assisted” cooking, which allows even less well-trained chefs to produce exciting food with little effort. The public recipe system for Oetker products was born. And tire manufacturer Michelin soberly calculated that the more vehicle owners are traveling, the more tires are purchased. So they sent you to the best restaurants rated stars.

It’s not that easy to find your own core story and derive suitable and relevant communication from it. This is easy to see in FMCG products, which have little concrete product advantage over the competition. There is not much communication leftover than the creation of (sometimes artificial) emotional worlds. But we do not give up that easily. There are basically two important communication levels. Either the content helps in some way, or he entertains. Where both levels can be quite broad. Content is also helpful, for example, if the user becomes smarter or more informed. Entertaining can be nerd content in this target group. Everyone else may find photos of asphalt routers working on freeways (googling Wirtgen sometimes) rather boring. However, what underlies every professional content marketing is a framework. This reflects the structure of the processes and, above all, ensures that everyone involved talks about the same. Harnisch uses the storytelling canvas in her agency. The work always starts with the goal finding. This does not only apply to overarching meta-goals such as “more traffic for the website”, but is further developed into specific goals for each campaign.

Content allows you to connect with and educate your prospects and customers. Not only are you working to build trust and relationships, but you are also encouraged conversions by giving consumers. And primarily the content of social media is important. It can create a flood of traffic without the normal practice of backlinks. If you have a single good content having ten thousand followers on social media, your business just started.  

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