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Canon minibus



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Canon Electric Minivan has been unveiled by LA-based startup Canoo and is the world’s first subscription-based EV. When the Canoo Electric Van launches in 2021, users will be able to own a vehicle on a monthly subscription basis similar to Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other technical services.

The Californian startup Canoo has today presented its first electric vehicle. The Canoo is conceptually different from other designs and should come in 2021 on the market. The electric minibus Canoo is a futuristic vehicle with a range of up to 400 kilometers and an equivalent to 300 hp power, which is powered by a battery with 80 kilowatt-hours. A single-engine on the rear axle puts the power on the road. The entire powertrain and batteries are housed in the vehicle floor. Canoo speaks of a “skateboard”, which should allow a nearly free design of the bodies. With a curb weight of around two tons, the Canoo can take another 600 kilograms of payload. The manufacturer wants to bring the Canoo in 2021 initially in the US and China on the market. This interested parties can not buy the vehicle but only rent. Canoo speaks of a subscription model. Prices have not been communicated so far.

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