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American musician Britney Spears has asked a judge in Los Angeles that her father, Jamie, not be allowed to take over the role of her guardian. Jamie has been the guardian of his daughter for the past twelve years but temporarily stepped aside last year at his own request. He was ill at the time. A lawsuit filed against a judge in Los Angeles, California, states that Britney is completely opposed to Jamie taking over the role again. It states that the musician, on the other hand, is still in favor of having a guardian. She says it has saved her from collapse and from the exploitation of powerful people in the music industry.

Britney is said to have requested that her agent, Jodi Montgomery, take over the position indefinitely. Montgomery has been her guardian since the beginning of the year, but she was temporarily appointed guardian after Jamie stepped aside. The case will be heard by a judge on August 22. Britney’s lawyer has said he expects Jamie to protest his daughter’s wishes. The case file also states that Britney does not expect to appear in public as a musician in the near future. Her last concert was in October 2018. She had planned to take the stage in Las Vegas in 2019 but canceled. 

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