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Brain dead



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The Recit and Technology news given idea why a man to be Brain death. Brain is the computer of a human body. All activity of organ are controlled through processed signal from brain.Basically brain is a neural computer and performs its function through various chemical process. Brain is the most protected part of the body which is composed billions of neuron.These neuron may fail not only loss of oxygen but also any unavoidable trauma.

Brain death photo illustration 2

it is also called irreversible coma.irreversible coma is the total and irreversible loss of all brain function . once the functionality is lost gone forever . when blood or oxygen stop to goo to brain cause an irreversible coma .supported blood pressure and keeping heart rate with medication. Breathing can be possible with ventilator. Irreversible coma can happen from physical injury. Normally doctors try to save brain through Machine help individual to take breath and regulate circulation of blood.

Filling pain:The coma patient also fill pain as much as healthy people but can not express. Brain death can called as clinically irreversible coma and unable to reverse.

Symptoms: Pupils of eye will not respond. there will not be any corneal re-flexion.Eye will be stagnant. individual can’t hear. Irreversible coma is a condition dying. when the irreversible coma’s patient unable to survive it cause brain death.

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