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Heart disease is one of the deadliest diseases in modern human society. If I consider about 15 years ago it was not like what is happening now. Today it is just getting worse and the situation is alarming. Many people are getting sick and dying from it. There was less cure for the disease and a large number of people would die before reaching the hospital. We don’t need to eat food made with extra oil or any other way but adding extra fat to some other items is not going to be completely helpful for the body. There is also constant stress in our lives and become a daily routine. Smoking is a deadly bad habit and slowly kills us.

Smoking can bring temporary peace to a person but people never think about the harmful effects of it on time. However, the level of smoking in the world is much lower than before. We need to understand how deep the deadly effects of smoking are. There are more smoking habits in rural life than in urban life where people prefer a comfortable life. Fat and Cholesterol One of our main enemies is the hope that modern medicine has come up with a way to remove fat from the arteries. Why we should remove fat from arteries, why not we become aware from earlier?

Nowadays these subjects are being taught in colleges and universities and even in the social system, awareness is being raised through mutual dialogue and discussion. The primary prevention of any disease is awareness. We need to be more aware so that any disease continues to decline.