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Avoid chaos – how?



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Cleaning your house can reduce your home chaos. But need joint effort. Planning is essential. Tiltekt, chaos and everything down the streets. What is the best way to handle all the chaos that is going on in busy homes today?

Start with all the visible surfaces – chest of drawers, windows and even the dining table. All the places that are supposed to be filled with stuff that have no fixed place and we do not really know where to store it. We have it to fill our lives with chaos. For example, take all receipts together and store them in one place. Give things a place in the home and allow certain places like the window to be “holy” hereafter, with no unnecessary stuff.You need to respect “my and your” stuff. Chaos is often a source of conflict in many relationships, so it is important to respect each other’s things. 

You can encourage your spouse to take care of himself or herself or be willing to offer assistance, but you should not clean up after others. Junk for some is an emotional thing for others, full of memories – and can therefore be supportive if the other person is going to mess things up.Sort your things. Many of us distribute the same items in more than one place, such as rags – which can be found in the kitchen, laundry room and bathroom. Keep the same stuff in one place, it will all be much easier when things have their place, no matter where it is.

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