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Android Integration – BMW



Android Integration
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Android is an revolution and integration of Android is a worth effort. Wireless technology increases and becoming popular day by day. BMW announces the wireless integration of Android Auto for all vehicles with the BMW OS 7.0 from mid-2020. Smartphone users with BMW can look forward to again. Only a few days ago BMW had announced that the use of Apple’s Car play after years of expensive subscription models is free. Today  the Munich-based automaker announces the availability of Android Auto from July 2020. The integration of the driver’s smartphones should not be done by plug connection, but wirelessly. Thus, a simple and secure use of smartphone features such as music, media or messaging while driving are enabled.

In doing so, BMW integrates the presentation into the advertising network of the vehicle. This ad group, commonly known as the cockpit, BMW calls since the conversion to fully digital components Operating System 7.0.With Android Auto, drivers can see all the important information both on the main screen above the center console and in the info and even the head-up display. A further integration, for example to control vehicle functions via Google’s voice assistant does not seem to be provided.

According to BMW manager Peter Henrich, many customers had requested an integration of Android Auto “in order to be able to use many of their familiar Android smartphone features in addition to BMW’s own functions and services safely and distraction-free.”Google manager Patrick Brady is also convinced that BMW customers will be happy about “more secure access to all their favorite apps and services on the go”.Android Auto in the BMW is to be seen for the first time at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) from January 7th to 10th, 2020 in Las Vegas, USA.

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