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Android 12 is coming



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Android 12 has been officially announced. A few more months will pass before the final release, but some manufacturers already know which smartphones will receive the big update. Even after the release of the first developer preview, there are signs that Android 12 will be a much bigger update than the previous versions Android 10 and Android 11 . They also had all kinds of relevant new features on board. The new OS generation will apparently bring many optical and functional functions with it, as the first leaks reveal. In the developer preview nothing of it can be seen yet; But this is not unusual, as it is primarily aimed at developers for whom the “substructure” with new interfaces is more important.

With the Developer Preview 2 (DP2), which Google on March 18, has published , draw a more new features. First and foremost: a one-handed mode with which even the most remote apps can be accessed on smartphones with large screens. The mode can be activated with a short swiping gesture on the navigation pill at the bottom of the screen. In the settings you can determine after which period the mode is deactivated; it can be switched off manually with a tap on the free field above the screen content. In addition, the notification bar will be extensively revised and there will be a larger selection of themes in order to be able to customize the user interface more. There is also talk of the integration of app pairs and an improved picture-in-picture and one-handed mode. The latter function has already been further enhanced with the DP2. Aside from the officially announced new features, Android 12 will receive a privacy indicator à la iOS 14, among other things. This will show in the notification bar when the camera or microphone is accessed.

The developer wants to achieve platform stability in August so that the big update can be released again in September. Experience has shown that Google will open Android 12 for devices from other manufacturers with the first public beta, which is due to appear in May 2021. The announcement of new functions is also to be expected. For this purpose, the manufacturer is likely to use the in-house developer conference Google I / O 2021 in May, which will probably take place again in a purely virtual manner due to the corona pandemic. With its Pixel smartphones, Google has always communicated how long the devices will receive updates. The models are guaranteed to receive major OS updates and monthly security patches for three years. Since Google is the developer of Android, the Pixel smartphones not only get exclusive access to the developer versions, but are always the first devices to receive the new Android versions in autumn.

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