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Android 10 – update



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Every year, after the announcement of a new version of Android, the question arises which smartphones will probably get the new OS iteration. For some models, it is clear, for others less. We looked around for you which devices will receive the new update. Since the beginning of September, Android 10, internally referred to as Queens Cake, is first available for download for Google Pixel devices. Other manufacturers then gradually bring their devices to the new version – some are faster than others. One thing is for sure: Android 10 will come against tradition without an official code name from the candy world.

Android 10 has all sorts of new features ready: On the one hand, Google brings a system-wide Dark Mode, for which have already been adapted to various apps such as Gmail, Calendar and more. On the other hand, the gesture control introduced with Android 9 Pie is implemented more consistently. It now comes completely without buttons. A swipe from the left or right edge of the screen replaces the back button – some may already know this gesture from Huawei devices. Based on Huawei’s Mate 20 Pro (test) and Apple’s  Face ID, Google has equipped its Pixel 4 with a 3D face recognition and natively integrated the corresponding authentication software into the system. So you can unlock your smartphone not only with your likeness but also about making payments via Google Pay.

Furthermore, the focus of Android 10 on more security and privacy. According to Google, Android10 brings almost 50 new security features to smartphones, which will also be more prominent in the settings – in a separate privacy section. In addition, the big update brings a new area for location data to create more transparency. In this section, you can specify which apps the location data may be shared. You can also choose to share location data only for apps running in the foreground. You will be notified about every location access of an app and can then decide whether you want to continue to let the app continue to spark or not. Android 10 also provides protection for other sensitive device information such as serial numbers. Also new to Android 10 is the “Smart Answer” feature for Android alerts. It is executed by machine learning directly on the smartphone and should save you a lot of time. The ready-made answer suggestions are to be usable by the native integration into the system on each Messaging app, so Google. In addition, the feature will also offer you suggestions for your next action: For example, if you receive an address, you can have it displayed even faster in Google Maps.

Machine learning directly on the smartphone also enables the “automatic transcription” function. With a tap, you activate the feature and it creates subtitles for audio playback on your smartphone, without having to retrieve data from Google’s servers. According to Google, automatic transcription works in videos, podcasts and voice messages – in all apps as well as in your own voice recordings. The lyrics stay on your device according to Google.

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