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Alcohol becomes useless



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All alcohol stations in Copenhagen’s metro system, Metro, were emptied last night. This was done after the company Metro Service, which is in charge of the operation of the transport system, realized that it had hitherto supplied its passengers with a useless type of alcohol; a species that is only useful for killing bacteria and not viruses. Copenhagen had been conscientiously using this liquid on their hands since last month, only to stick out their hands and be filled with false security. The stands were therefore emptied last night but have not yet been filled with new virus killers.

“We believed that this was a product that could be useful in the fight against the COVID virus, but unfortunately it is not. We are sorry and we are disappointed over the conduct of the wholesaler, “says Klaus Aakilde, CFO of Metro Service to the Danish newspaper, who exposed the matter in an interview with a nurse who was surprised that no approved alcohol was used.

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